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"Inner Circle Muna!" Where did it come from?

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

Somewhere in February 2023 during the administration of the ADHOC officers of the year 2021 spearheaded by Sis. Celestie Kylie Jane S. Vale (a.k.a. "Sis Vhal"), Brod Karl Marx Turno is calling all brothers & sisters of Iota Omega Chapter to assist Sis. Vhal as it was claimed that she is the only one left working.

When Brod Arvin Sayson Añana heard the burden of Sis. Vhal, he immediately asked the cooperation of his Batch 2000, to support the chapter by improving its system and its administrative set-up to have an appropriate solution to the recurring problems of recruitment, pledgeship, membership, services, finances, projects, etc.

And Brod Arvin Sayson Añana stepped in without delay to install core members to constitute a body who will unselfishly volunteer and helping particularly Sis. Vhal and the chapter as a whole.

Brod Arvin Sayson Añana asked for some wisdom from his most heard mentor Brod Karl Marx Turno on how to contribute appropriately to the development of the chapter and Brod Karl coined the idea of "Iota Omega is Iota Omega" then here we come to the idea of "Inner Circle Muna."

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