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History of Iota Omega Chapter

In 1976, Alpha Phi Omega was introduced by Eddie Edillor, Bernardo Banguerigo, and Jimmy Pimentel to the school of Cagayan Capitol College; also known as Capitol University. And the four pioneering batch were Joel Oliveros, Raul Gabales, Felix G. Wayan, and Lester B. Casiño.

On its 18th National Biennial Convention at Feliciano and Sons Convention Center in Zamboanga City on May 27, 1995, the petitioning chapter was formally defended by Heldon Ray Saberola, Clint Django Pacana, and Dante Ocaya. And it was formally chartered as the Iota Omega Chapter.

And the 1st line of batches of Iota Omega Chapter were the following:

Grand Chancellor: Renato Amoguis (Alpha Rho Chapter)

Auxillary Chancellor: Heldon Saberola (Alpha Rho Chapter)

Prime Chancellor: Karl Marx Turno (Gamma Iota Chapter)

Batch 1992B

1. Robin Amadeo Dayao

2. Almer Malmis

Batch 1993A

1. Apolinar Galinato 

2. Richard Getutua

3. Amrodin Macalipot

4. Zaldy Igot

5. Joseph Alberto Buaya

6. Jennifer Monteclaro

7. Haydee Digamon

8. Hannah Quilab

Inclusive among the 1st line of batches is Edralin Lao Marandacan from Zeta Alpha Chapter who were initiated in Iota Omega Chapter.

In order that Iota Omega Chapter will become distinguished among others, somewhere in the year 1994 at the secret room located in the 3rd floor of the Custom Building, Heldon Ray Saberola and Richard Getutua founded the "Chapter Traditional Rites" so-called "The 12 Jewels" and it started from Alvin E. Purugganan, Kenneth Foronda and Subair Moctar. And this chapter traditional rites is a mandatory rite to be passed on eternally to every new brother and sister of Iota Omega Chapter. 

Currently, Iota Omega Chapter have more than 100 brothers and sisters who are in geniune loyalty to the fraternity and sorority committed to serve the humanity with cheerful services. It is in each heart of every brother and sister of Iota Omega Chapter that they will not settle for less for themselves and for their country. They will always search every opportunities for their individual progress and for the improvement of the society where they peacefully live and work..

On the process of creating an Alumni Association of Iota Omega Chapter, somewhere in the year 2021, an Adhoc officers were appointed and forerun the whole affairs of the chapter.

Last May 27, 2021, Amerigo Carin Adecer designed and presented the "Chapter Seal" to the fraternity and sorority in alignment with the mission and vision of the Capitol University as each brother and sister of Iota Omega Chapter can guarantee their total development as a person, as a filipino citizen, as servant of God and as a strong leader of men. 

In March 5, 2023, thirty five (35) core members of the Alumni were constituted as the founding members of Alpha Phi Omega - Iota Omega Alumni Association (Petitioning), also known as "APO-IOAA" as follows: Usman Sarangani, Jr., Aliasa Samporna, Rakib Gundarangin, Monaim Guro, Abdul Razak Batugan, Asnaree A. Caye, Abdulhakim Hadji-Manan, Jamael Usman, Arvin Sayson Añana, Amerigo Carin Adecer, Jofran Delos Arcos, Arvin Gene Cabasa Ciervo, Julien Dela Cruz Roble, Richard Tejano Getutua, Conchubar T. Uayan, Joanne Mae T. Moreno, Haydee Peligrino-Digamon Jalagat, Joan B. Yarra, Rodel M. Tan, Roel Dela Peña, Ishac R. Macmac, Celeste Kylie Jane S. Vale, Robin Amadeo A. Dayao, Sobair Moctar, Lee Marvin Glinogo, Filchin B. Jose, Kenneth Obiena Foronda, Adonis F. Alcantara, Yusoph D. Lanto, Irvine Villalon Lisondra, John Rey P. Ranara, Noel Cladestine A. Ponferrada, Anselmo F. Villanueva, Jr. , Jabalodin Alug, and Clint Michael Cuel. 

Last October 5, 2023, one of our brothers step up in bravery accepting the challenge as the 1st President of APO Iota Omega Alumni Association in the person of Bro. Monaim Guro.

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