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APO Divers: Who Are They?

This is an idiomatic disappointment of some of our brothers and sisters in the circle. And they are not actually fan of the ocean, but they are highly active and present inside the "House of Frank".

APO Divers are multi-faceted. They are under one roof but they are facing to different windows. Let's say they wear different masks for fashion, for identity; or maybe, for destiny. Some say they were in a situation where they were called to a "calling-per-se" in a more specific calling of service to God, to Country, and to Humanity. Who knows the perfect description of this scenario inside our strong circle of Alpha Phi Omega? Exactly, no one knows. Only one thing we knew about this - DIVERSITY.

How to deal with diversity? Some say ignore them, some say disregard them; but no, we insist that we should "COLLABORATE" with them. Diversity is fine and healthy but just don't mess up in spite of having mixed up.

We coined the term "APO Diversity" for those brothers and sisters who participated in other kinds or types of organizations. In layman's term, "APO Divers".

How to deal with this?

There are schools of ethics to be observed in not messing up, such as:

1. "Kung usapang APO, APO lang wala nang iba. Don't messed up."

2. "Kung gatherings ng APO, APO lang din. Don't messed up."

3. "Kung kulturang APO, APO pa rin lagi. Don't messed up."

4. "Kung APO ka at hindi APO ang dala mo sa mga gatherings ng mga APO, may kasabihan na makibagay ka lang, wag makisawsaw. Don't messed up."

5. "Just meet up, mixed up, but don't mess up."

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