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Iota Omega Style: Traditions and Cultures

Why 12 Jewels? Why a tradition is necessary? Tradition helps us to feel like we belong in this world when we've come from somewhere else. It also helps us to fit in when we've always been in the same place.

Other chapters choose "Loyalty" as part of their traditional rites, but Iota Omega chooses "12 Jewels".

Why 12 Jewels? It is because two of our founding brothers Heldon Ray Saberola and Richard Getutua realized that loyalty is an implied virtue to a fraternity or sorority; but the reason for its existence needs to be eternalized and then they decided to traditionalize it in order for members will understand why Dr. Frank Reed Horton established this fraternity or sorority after the World War II.

Why 12 Jewels? It is because it is the test of manhood.

Why 12 Jewels? It is because it is the compass of our life's journey to where we will be going and what we will become.

Why 12 Jewels? It is because we have to memorize it in less than 10 seconds and live it for a lifetime.

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