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Jobar Uayan: 20 Years In The Making

Updated: Mar 15, 2023

Who is this guy? If you heard Felix Wayan in Iota Omega then you may wonder who is he? Brother Jobar Uayan has been in Iota Omega being one of the unritualized brothers for more than or less 20 years. But without a doubt, he is one of the most loyal brothers in our beloved chapter.

He has been active in Qatar for more than 12 years or more and keeps on participating in all the services and gatherings within the Circle of our Great Fraternity. He survived on batch 1989C and he was ritualized on November 11, 2011.

After his ritual, he went to UAE and start his ventures there.

Some of our younger full-pledged brothers and sisters in UAE called him "Tatay Jobar" and he is in active participation in our programs and gatherings.

One of the unique desires of our brother Jobar, he wants all brothers and sisters to be in one fold whatever school of thought or sect you have whether you're diversified, inactive, compromised, or imperfect.

He always gives hope.

Brother Jobar Uayan started the idea of "Online Himamat" which is to be considered a simple fellowship or gathering online within our Inner Circle of Iota Omega.

He wants unity, in spite of diversity.

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