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Repackaging APO: What are things to be considered?

One of the core principles of being a loyal brother & sister of Alpha Phi Omega is being a fully participating citizen of the country.

The anti-hazing law has already been nailed into our legal system and whatever the weaknesses of the law cannot be compromised once violence was seen in the crime with strong evidence.

Let us remember some true stories of the past and how it changes the future.

Duel. Have you heard of it? This is not a friendly competition but it became a rule of engagement among the tough people in the old Wild Wild West or Cowboys or Knights and it took hundreds of years in our world history as a culture and traditional method to settle things.

Now the Duel is illegal.

Art. 260. Responsibility of participants in a duel. — The penalty of reclusion temporal shall be imposed upon any person who shall kill his adversary in a duel. If he shall inflict upon the latter physical injuries only, he shall suffer the penalty provided therefor, according to their nature.

In any other case, the combatants shall suffer the penalty of arresto mayor, although no physical injuries have been inflicted.

The seconds shall in all events be punished as accomplices.

Art. 261. Challenging to a duel. — The penalty of prison correctional in its minimum period shall be imposed upon any person who shall challenge another, or incite another to give or accept a challenge to a duel, or shall scoff at or decry another publicly for having refused to accept a challenge to fight a duel.

Now everything about duel is under control and history changed.

Well, regarding this anti-hazing law, not that we have no choice but we are bound and obliged to adapt to change. We have to respond to it effectively & appropriately.

What are our responses to the said change? Well, we have some questions that should be strongly considered:

1. Who will do the re-packaging?

2. What are the factors to be strongly considered for repackaging?

3. What are the packages to choose from?

4. How to choose the packages?

5. Who will choose the packages?

6. Do all the packages prepared generally accepted?

7. Will those new packages provide more self-worth or self-valued identity being an APhiO?

8. If we will repack APO, what is the exchange for those who received the old package?

9. What are the after-effects of repackaging?

After all, APhiO is not a mere tradition. It is an absolute principle with extra-ordinary traditions.

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