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The first and the last principle of Alpha Phi Omega.

Among the three cardinal principles of Alpha Phi Omega, it is Friendship that takes a long shot. Although we are ever-serving, Service can't stand alone without friendship. You can't either Lead without it. It is the cardinal principle of Friendship that takes Alpha Phi Omega in the long shot.

Inter-frat/sorority activities are one of the noble projects of any Greek letter fraternities/sororities including Alpha Phi Omega to avoid frat/sorority violence such as frat war, frat bullying, etc.

We are now in the age of unity, diversity, and prosperity. Isolation is no longer in fashion for this generation.

In order to grow and develop our individuality, we have to apply the Cardinal Principles of Leadership, Friendship, and Service in and out of our circle.

One of our brothers made the extra mile for this principle, he is part of the history, outside the Philippines, who started an Inter-Frat/Sorority Games in Malta in the continent of Europe.

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