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Who is Brod Ryan Gamolo?

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Among his batch 1996B, The Crossian Angels, he was stuck in the process after his back-to-pledgee due to some reasons that hinders him to become one of the fullpledged members of this fraternity.

His batch was already ritualized ahead of him to mention - Brod Clint Michael Cuel, Brod Rey Laberte, Brod Edwin Valledor, and Brod Filchin Jose.

Last March 5, 2023, our Alumni Association conducted a general meeting and decided to invite all unritualized brothers and sisters of this chapter to apply for the ritual proceedings to become a fullpledged members of this fraternity and sorority.

With full conviction, Brod Ryan Gamolo attempted to apply and was defended by Brod Richard Getutua with the approval of the majority of the local and international residents.

After the approval of the majority, he received the Certificate of Recommendation for the Ritual Proceedings, and the Ritual Committee was formed under the chairmanship of Brod Amerigo Adecer together with Sis Celeste Kylie Jane Vale.

The said Ritual was scheduled on April 8, 2023 at the residence of Brod Wowie, RER Subdivision, Anastacio-Neri St., Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines.

From the year 1996 until the year 2023, the 27 years in the making of his Dream to become "One of Us" has been completed today, April 8, 2023.

Today is not only a memorable day for Brod Ryan Gamolo but also for his batch 1996B; as well as for our beloved Iota Omega Chapter.

According to our founding brother of this chapter, Heldon Ray Saberola, "Who told you that being a full-pledged brother or sister of this fraternity or sorority stops your pledge ship? Remember this, once you enter the chamber and get out of it, you will be forever a pledgee for Leadership, Friendship, and Service."

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