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Why Chapter ID & National ID matters?

The Chapter ID and the National ID system not only enhance physical security but also inspires good governance; facilitate appropriate development; foster trust among brothers and sisters; strengthen support for strong social services; and ultimately make democracy well exercised within the inner circle and to the national environment as a whole.

How about burns and tattoos? Can we consider this as an everlasting ID? Yes, probably indeed; but not at times. Anyone can do that whoever has extreme fanaticism for our beloved Alpha Phi Omega. How can we assure that our chapter or national office was properly, and systematically governed well with burns and tattoos? Do burns and tattoos justify it? Of course, it won't. Although burns and tattoos are not obligatory even though in some thoughts of other brothers and sisters it is desirable.

Well as part of our internal control, smart governance, and compliance to the highest standards, chapter IDs and National IDs matters.

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