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Why Himamat? What does it means?

Our beloved chapter has been more than 28 years since its chartered date. Almost all of us were unaware of our chapter affairs and most of us really don't know how it is right now.

"Himamat" is a Bisaya word for meeting up and in Maranao word it is called "Mamat".

It is a weekly online fellowship program within the inner circle of Iota Omega Chapter worldwide and it has a regular schedule of 8:00 pm (Philippine Time) in order to know each other and strengthen relationships, bridging the gaps between traditional & non-traditional advocates, and strengthening the inner circle.

The first Himamat Online was done on February 10, 2023 attended by Jobar Uayan, Rakib Gundarangin, John Rey Ranara, and Arvin Sayson Añana.

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