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Why Iota Omega?

Iota Omega Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega Philippines has a Mission Statement that will define who are they and what are they doing right now and it has a Vision Statement that shows the world where are we going and what we will become.

Iota Omega is inviting young believers of hope and individual progress that will enhance their hidden gifts of life and overcome their fears to achieve greatness and self-development.

Each brother and sister of Iota Omega has this kind of call to become one of the finest being that mankind ever made.

This highest kind of standard of manhood might be a burden to those who are outside of the circle but it is more burdensome to those who are already inside.

But to those who understand what an Iota Omega is made of; the burden of becoming the finest is not just enduring the stumbling blocks but enjoying the process of how to become.

An Iota Omega should not settle for less.

Remember, not everyone has a dream but everyone has their own passion.

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