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Why Planting Mangroves Can Help Save the Planet

Mangroves are magic things. They could help restore the health of the planet’s lands, seas, and climate.

“Mangroves are often under-appreciated, with most people not realizing their true value to the overall health of our communities and our entire planet,” said Tod Hardin, COO of Plastic Oceans International.

Mangroves are shrubs or small trees that grow along coastlines and in brackish water, or water that is part salt and part fresh. In fact, these trees have adapted to grow in low-oxygen soil, where saltwater intrudes several times a day and where slow-moving water introduces fine sediment and particulates.

Because they live where land and sea connect, one of their most important ecosystem functions is to protect the former and serve as a frontline defense for people and property along the coasts. There are many species of mangrove, and the most famous are characterized by their tall, skinny, stilt-like roots, called prop roots. These roots grow in a “tangle” that actually helps the trees withstand the daily rise and fall of tides. These structures also “cause sediments to settle out of the water,” falling at or near the roots. The roots “build up the muddy bottom” near the base of the trees, which actually stabilizes the coastline by reducing erosion from storm surges, currents, waves, and tides.

This is why Alpha Phi Omega committed to these kinds of projects restoring the damages made by all factors; including human negligence.

As a participating citizen of the Republic of the Philippines, Iota Omega Chapter takes its part in participating in this kind of great cause.

With Brother Martin Celocia and Brother Amerigo Adecer, Iota Omega was represented at its bests on its Mangrove Planting Services held on April 10, 2023 (Monday) @ 6:00 AM.

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